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Power up Your PR with Data Visualization

Rebeca PopFor a long time, communication and math skills were believed to be mutually exclusive. In other words, a Public Relations professional was expected to be a good communicator and possess strong social and writing skills. Conversely, an IT professional or an engineer was expected to have a solid quantitative background and a math mindset.

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The Past as Prologue to the Future of Public Relations. A conversation with Shelley Spector, founder of the Museum of Public Relations

Spector Bernays

Shelley Spector, the enthusiastic founder of The Museum of Public Relations, reveals in this interview some warm observations and memories drawn from the 20th anniversary of the museum and her conversations in the 80s and 90s with the father of public relations, Edward Bernays*. A nephew of Sigmund Freud, Bernays applied the social sciences to public relations. He used to say that a profession is an activity where the public interest should be served.

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Charlie Coney, GOLIN: The most creative people in the world are children, and they laugh over 400 times a day

Charlie Coney

For the past 15 years, Charlie Coney,  Head of Creative, EMEA, at GOLIN, has developed and implemented creative campaigns for clients such as eBay, Cadbury, Johnnie Walker, Dove and npower. A passionate advocate of the power of creative communications to improve the world we live in, Charlie works closely with clients and agency teams to rally behind ideas which entertain, inform, educate and – most importantly – matter. He argues that anyone has the ability to be creative – it’s more of a mindset than anything else.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

james grunig 3

How a Strategic Management Approach to Public Relations Can Shape a Company’s Brand and Reputation Through Relationships

No one really knows who first expressed the English proverb that” actions speak louder than words.” The website Ask Yahoo (December 27, 2006) said that the English phrase first showed up in the 1600s but that “versions of this wisdom are found in many languages and lands.” For example, another website, The Quote Garden (July 14, 2011), reported that the American Benjamin Franklin said “Well done is better than well said.”

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John Saunders, FleishmanHilllard: Those of us who are in the business a long time need to change

John SaundersPR Romania has invited John Saunders, Regional President for Europe, Middle East and Africa at FleishmanHillard, to talk about how innovation can transform public relations. We hear quite often that PR agencies are able to create great ideas, but clients prefer proven solutions leading to safe results. Highly innovative or disruptive ideas are viewed sometimes with suspicion.

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Fred Cook, CEO Golin: Most organizations look for skills instead of bravery

Fred CookSearching the same profiles, with the same skills, coming from the same universities is no more the optimal route for recruiting people in the PR industry. We need to start recruiting differently and that means attracting and retaining a more diverse range of people, coming with different areas of expertise and backgrounds. PR Romania has invited Fred Cook, the CEO of Golin, one of the largest and most successful PR firms with 50 offices around the globe, to give us some insights about recruiting differently in PR. Fred has a legendary profile, since he has worked with business leaders such as Apple’s Steve Jobs, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Disney’s Michael Eisner. But his career was not always so famous. Before starting his corporate career at the age of 36, he had worked as leather salesman, chauffeur, substitute teacher, cross-country tour guide, a cabin boy, and a doorman, but each job taught him a life lesson. His new book, Improvise: Unconventional Career Advice from an Unlikely CEO, is full of priceless career tips for the young generation.

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PR vs. Creativity, a call to action and a framework for PR agencies’ creative rise

Gabriela Lungu 5PR agencies need to start delivering more creativity and true innovation in order to stay competitive. One of the reasons why there seems to be little creativity and innovation in the sector is that it is not an easy process. Gabriela Lungu, creativity and PR international expert, believes that the more we internalise good creative processes, the bigger our chance to come up with creative solutions every time.

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What 2015 holds in store for PR practitioners

Eva MaclaineThe appetite for authenticity is greater now than ever. People worldwide are sick of overly media trained and on-message spokespeople and are seeking the real deal.

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Alison Eyles-Owen, Hill+Knowlton Strategies: Agency executives need to have an eye on the future, a hand on the numbers and a heart for the team

Alison Eyles OwenIn an interview with PR Romania, Alison Eyles-Owen, global EVP marketing communications at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, explains why data, insights and connections remain so critical as tools for every PR practitioners. ‘You will never really become a trusted advisor to a CEO or CMO by being a crowd pleaser. You need to add value and sometimes the unspoken perspective’, told us Alison. Read on for Alison’s views on all of this and more.

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The Practice rebrands as first step of a more complex transformation

MSL ThePractice 2Agency joins today MSLGROUP and will change its name to MSLGROUP The Practice. ‘MSLGROUP has created a hub for CEE region and is strengthening the offer to service clients across the borders. MSLGROUP The Practice will be part of this regional operation and will also benefit from global know-how of the PR network’, declared Sebastian Hejnowski, CEO MSLGROUP Poland, in a joint interview together with Oana Bulexa and Monica Jitariuc – Co-managing directors MSLGROUP The Practice.

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How can PR professionals wind up with an entire brain. In dialogue with David Rockland, Chairman AMEC

rocklanddavidMost PR professionals recognize today the importance of measurement standards. Nevertheless, the practice looks a bit different. There is a quite big gap between good intention and action in this field, a good reason to interview one of the most remarkable leaders in this field – David Rockland, Ph.D., Partner and Managing Director, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics; CEO, Ketchum Change and Chairman, AMEC (Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communications).

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Karl-Heinz Heuser, CEO Burson-Marsteller Germany: We are looking for the change of perception and behaviour instead of selling products

karl-heinz_heuserThe importance of trust has become critical in the communication area and not only. The PR landscape is inevitably becoming more and more open to the beats of change, especially coming from the digital world. Has the time come for PR to be uplifted? Taken this point of view and other aspects like the German industry, into an interview with Karl-Heinz Heuser, CEO Burson-Marsteller Germany.

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Matt Neale, President International GolinHarris: The old generalist agency's model is dead

matt_nealeGolinHarris has just announced in Romania a significant restructuring of its local agency model giving up its top-down pyramidal structure of communication generalists and praising instead the role of dedicated specialists. "The old generalist model is dead" says Matt Neale, President International GolinHarris, who speaks with PR Romania about the agency's redesign.

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Katie Paine: The biggest challenge we face is to measure what matters, not just what is easy

katie_delahayeKatie Paine is a renowned expert on public relations and social media measurement. She is the CEO and founder of KDPaine & Partners LLC and author of "Measuring Public Relationships: The data-driven communicator's guide to measuring success." She also writes the first blog (Katie Paine's Measurement Blog) and publishes the first newsletter (The Measurement Standard) dedicated entirely to measurement and accountability. PR Romania had the opportunity to conduct an interview with the Queen of Measurement.

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James Grunig: The biggest challenge is coming from those who believe public relations is a marketing discipline

james_grunigIf public relations is collapsed into marketing, I believe it will do little more than provide messaging support for marketing objectives. Thus, a huge challenge is to define and explain public relations as a unique management discipline. I believe that public relations must be understood as a strategic management function whose role is to help management make better decisions and build relationships with publics affected by management decisions.

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David Rockland, Partner and CEO Ketchum Pleon Change: If You Can’t Count It, It Doesn’t Count!

david_rocklandThe associations and publications like yours hopefully will push and will continue to advocate for the evaluation and measurement in PR. Because, if you don’t measure, it doesn’t matter. There is this expression we use: “If you can’t count it, it doesn’t count.” If we want public relations to count, we have to count it.

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Let’s Look at PR Through an Evaluation Lens. A talk with Ruth Pestana, Worldwide Director of Strategic Services, Hill & Knowlton

ruth_perstanaA lot of things in measurement have already existed. I think that perhaps they were not as well publicized as they are now, but the Commission on PR Measurement & Evaluation of the Institute for Public Relations has published papers on best practices in measurement, has provided a dictionary of measurement terminology, and guidelines. I think the difference with the Barcelona Principles was that it was endorsed by a number of PR organizations around the world.

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London, Social Media Input for Brands and AVE. A Talk with Stephen Davies

Social media is very important to some brands, to other brands not so important. So yes, they are changing the way people communicate, are changing the way traditional PR works. At the same time there are certain industries where social media didn’t lend itself so well to. There was a time when industries professionals didn’t want to adapt to social media. But over the last few years, you know, as the numbers keep repeating, growing and growing, becoming more important, social media is here to stay, is going nowhere. It has become more important in the last few years and in the next years it will become more important.

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About Digital Public Affairs and Why PR=Marketing. A Discussion with Steffen Moller, Digital Strategist Fleishman-Hillard Brussels

When I say that PR=Marketing I still think they are different disciplines, I just think that the communication professional has to be able do both PR and Marketing. I still think marketing is brand related, whereas PR in more on the relationship front. The thing is that is not enough to simply deal with a brand anymore, it’s not simply enough to deal with relationships anymore, because they are closely interlinked. I’m saying that PR and Marketing are still different disciplines, but the same people have to do both. It was easy in the past when you had a marketing executive and a PR. Now they actually have to be the same person, or they actually have to work closely. That’s the key.

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The New Hungarian Media Law. Is the Worldwide Criticism Justified?

tamas_baratSince 1st of January 2011 the EU member Hungary has a new media law. This law was criticized not only by the Hungarians e.g. the National Association of Hungarian Journalists, but in a wide range by the European and American Media and political power as well. We had the chance to speak with Dr. Tamas Barat, former Vice President of the European Public Relations Confederation (CERP). Today he is Professor of Corporate Communication, Member Emeritus of the Hungarian Public Relations Association and Editor-in-Chief of the CCO Magazine, a portal site for communication's practitioners, experts and students who are studying communication and/or public relations.

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Tony Silard: Integrity is the Most Important Quality in Social Entrepreneurship

tony_silardTony Silard is the President of The Center for Social Leadership (Washington), an organization that provides marginalized people with leadership lessons. In the interview below, he talks about the qualities a leader should have, but also about the challenges leaders should be able to face.

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